We Treat Your Business Like Our Own

Miller Electric protects commercial and industrial facilities from costly business interruptions and property damage caused by electrical system failures and electrical fires. We provide unique and comprehensive electrical and low voltage preventative and predictive consultation, construction and maintenance functions.

Before construction begins, we save you time and money with design assist and build services. We keep projects on time and within budget through deliberate use of Computer Assisted Drafting and Design (CADD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). We perform electrical building surveys, energy management audits, lighting retrofits, power studies, short circuit analysis, arc flash studies and NICET certified installations. After construction is complete, we review your electrical or low voltage system on a regular basis and keep it safe through our proactive maintenance service.

When it comes to our proactive service program, the best part is that we guarantee the results.

If we certify that an electrical component is in proper working order and it breaks, we’ll replace it for free.

Benefits of Proactive Maintenance

A preventative, predictive service plan with Miller Electric can double the life of your electrical system, reduce accidents, and save you money. Benefits to your business include:

  • Reduced business interruption costs
  • Minimized life/safety risks
  • Extended equipment life
  • Lower repair costs

We perform infrared thermography, inspections by licensed electricians, voltage and current diagnostics, power quality and ultrasonic services to extend the life of your electrical and low voltage system.

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