See the Power of Preventative Maintenance

As Omaha’s leading commercial electrical contractor, Miller Electric does much more than just lay wire and fix problems. Our predictive, electrical preventative maintenance program protects your business from costly electrical outages and safety hazards, resolving issues before they become problems that interrupt your progress.

Watch Miller Employees Talk Proactive Maintenance Now

In this short video, see how we:

  • Help clients save money by preventing costly downtime issues
  • Predict client needs
  • Save money before projects start
  • Perform infrared thermography, ultrasonics, power quality surveys, voltage and current harmonics
  • Build databases for to show clients exactly how specific products are performing over time
  • Use Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Tremble tools to coordinate electrical, mechanical and plumbing activities to identify issues ahead of time and resolve them before a single piece of pipe is put in the air.
  • Save clients time, money and labor by working more efficiently and safely
  • Provide peace of mind after a project is complete by performing tests and infrared thermography shots to make sure your building stays in prime operating condition

Miller Electric doesn’t perform proactive electrical maintenance primarily for ourselves, (although it does make our work easier). We are proactive for our clients’ sake; because it helps us put their best interests first on each and every job.

“We want to maintain your building so that same product you bought 25 years ago that lasted 40 years, if you buy one today it would last again another 40 years,” says Miller Electric President Ray Brugeman. “That’s why the proactive approach is so important to Miller and our clients.”