We were honored to win a Bronze Award of Merit from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in its 2019 Integrity Award competition. Award winners were chosen by an independent panel of judges consisting of metro Omaha business leaders and members of the academic community.

The judges’ decision was based on the score of our application in comparison with other businesses with 500 or more employees. Only a few organizations were selected as winners.

These Awards focus on demonstrated ethical business practices with key stakeholders including customers, employees and community at large, rather than a company’s growth, profitability or popularity. An Integrity Award is a strong mark to customers and the community that we operate ethically and can be trusted with any project.

For us, integrity has always been the only acceptable way to work.

Built on a Legacy of Integrity

In 1912 Henry Miller founded an electrical business based on trust, excellence and integrity. He taught us to listen to the customer, that value is priceless, that nothing matters more than client and employee safety and that in the end, all anyone ever has is their name. Henry’s values guide us still.

Integrity matters. It flows through our culture and is the current powering our success.

We stake our reputation as one of Omaha’s leading commercial electrical contractors on the trust our customers have in us and the trust we have in our own commitment to excellence. Often, that shows up in our ability to solve problems before they disrupt business for our customers.

From designing, installing and proactively maintaining electrical distribution systems, to providing arc flash safety training, we won’t sacrifice our integrity, or our employees’ safety even when it costs us money or causes us to lose a bid. While we might be underbid, we are never out performed.

Miller Electric’s ability to power Omaha’s business backbone for more than a century is directly related to our founder’s values and that they have been successfully passed down to generations of journeymen electricians, project managers, low voltage technicians, electrical engineers and company leaders.

Integrity and Safety Go Hand in Hand

In an age where some try to do the fastest work at the cheapest rate for the highest profit possible, we believe in performing excellent work at a rate that allows us to continue to improve and always doing so in a way that protects the personal and professional safety of all parties involved.

We were recently named one of Nebraska’s Safest Companies by the Nebraska Safety Council, an award of which we are extremely proud, because in the pursuit of exceeding our customers’ expectations, nothing matters more to us than getting our employees home safely at the end of each day.

Looking back, around and forward, we can see the fruit of our labors in the ideas we help bring to life; the people who go to work in the facilities we wire; and the families who thrive in a safe and supported community. Our participation in this work is a responsibility we don’t take lightly and one that we want to continue to be trusted to perform for the next hundred years.

Winning an Integrity Award reinforces our past, present and future success by reminding us who we are, what we hold dear and what we must continue to be for our community.