Miller Electric Prefab Operations Create Efficiencies

Miller Electric’s prefab operations have grown substantially over the past few years. It has become an exciting source of efficiency and client satisfaction as well as training and new opportunities for the Omaha-based commercial electrical contractor.

What started small has grown to encompass three facilities and 75 employees.

Prefab Operations Hires 50+ New Construction Wiremen

In the past year, Miller Electric has introduced over 50 new construction wiremen into the trade through its prefab operations.

“When these individuals started, they had no experience in construction and through prefab we’ve been able to teach them about the trade in a controlled environment with closer supervision,” says Prefab Operations Manager Chris Nightser. “Here they can learn with fewer variables and potential hazards than they might encounter in the field. We can teach them what they need to know to become an apprentice and electrician. It’s a huge opportunity for young men and women who might not have previously considered a career in the trades.”

All of those new employees have been busy assembling pieces in the prefab shop. From the ordinary, like conduit, to the unusual, like solar-powered crosswalks, Miller Electric’s prefab shop looks for ways to create efficiencies for clients.

Prefab Shop Assembles Crosswalk Signs for Securities AmericaCrosswalk

The next time you’re driving near West Giles Rd. and Port Grace Blvd. look for a few cool new crosswalk signs. The Miller Electric prefab shop assembled the components for four solar-powered, self-contained crosswalk units for Securities America employees.

“After Securities America expanded their building and installed a new parking lot across the street, it created a situation where 400-500 employees were crossing the street every day to go to work. These signs help them do so safely,” says Nightser.

A multitude of components that consisted of dozens of junction boxes, straps, wiring, solar panels, control cabinets and battery backups were assembled and attached to light poles more easily in the prefab shop than would have been possible out in the field.

The prefab shop has also been busy making a lot of pre-bent conduit for Village Pie as well as a few hanging transformer brackets and fire alarm boxes. Now if only they could get some pie with all that pre-bent.

As these projects show, there’s always something worthwhile happening in the prefab shop. “We’re constantly looking for new opportunities to save our employees time, reduce safety risks in the field, save our clients money and shorten project schedules,” says Nightser.