A Look Back: Miller Electric Updates Electrical Systems at a Local Hospital

Nebraska Medicine

Hospitals are one type of facility that depend heavily on electrical power to operate properly. If their power and electrical equipment doesn’t perform as expected, disastrous consequences can occur.

Miller Electric has been privileged to be a trusted partner of Nebraska Medicine to provide electrical contracting services to their healthcare facilities. In this video, Rex Meyers and Kathy Bauer of Nebraska Medicine, along with Miller Electric Senior Electrical Field Manager Rick Stratman, talk about what went into updating the electrical backbone of Nebraska Medicine’s University Tower.

See the importance and value of working with a commercial electrical contractor experienced in the healthcare sector in this video!

Helping a Local Hospital Update its Electrical Systems

(In case you prefer to read as opposed to watch, here’s a transcript of the video.)

Rex Meyers, Nebraska Medicine Construction Manager: “We have to replace all of the switch gear and electrical backbone in the University Tower. This is a major undertaking because we will have very old 1950s vintage electrical gear that we have to install while we are still operating a hospital.”

Kathy Bauer, Nebraska Medicine Director Facilities Management and Planning: “We’ve got essentially 3 million sft here on campus. We are spread out across 25-30 buildings, roughly 50 acres or so that we cover geographically.”

Rex Meyers: “We are going to be replacing this gear in an active hospital so the outages have to be well planned and pulled off without any interruptions to service.”

Rick Stratman, Miller Electric Sr. Electrical Field Manager: “You know there is going to be outages that are going to be required to transfer old systems to the new system. We have to try to arrange that in such a way where the patient lying on the table or bed receives minimal impact from that.”

Kathy Bauer: “It’s really a partnership. We look at Rick and the team as an extension of the Department.”

Rick Stratman: “The hospital does feel such a close partnership with us that we are invited to… participate in meetings and offer advice and input during meetings on topics that are beneficial to both of us.”

Kathy Bauer: “We have an advocates group that has been established internally of employees that bring forth ideas related to energy usage and ways to reduce consumption and have then had Miller go out and look at some of the concepts that have been brought forward to see about feasibility. One of those is the retrofit of the lighting in some of our tenant buildings.”

Rick Stratman: “Some of these buildings were built around the turn of the century in the 1910s and even some of the newer buildings built in the 1950s and 60s were built to the standard of the time and today’s technology and standards have changed drastically. The infrastructure of these buildings had been updated over time but never fully to the point where they needed to be. This project did that. Took everything up to the standards of where they should be now.”

Kathy Bauer: “Having them here onsite and making them part of our day-to-day operations gave them the opportunity to take ownership and show that they really do have our best interests in mind when they are moving about their daily business.”

Rick Stratman: “There’s a tremendous amount of planning that goes in to something like this. You have to do your calculation of ROI. The hospital wants to know, if they purchase 8,000 light fixtures, what’s the cost versus the energy savings you’ll accomplish with the replacement. A typical figure has been a 30 percent reduction in energy savings with lighting. Reduced maintenance costs accompany the lighting upgrade because it costs less to maintain the new fixture. It’s also going to last a lot longer than the old one.”

Kathy Bauer: “We can count on Miller Electric. Their reliability has been great.”

Rex Meyers: “In my 30 years if another person were to come up to me and ask me to recommend Miller Electric to another facility, I would say yes, definitely. You must look at Miller as a competitive, ethical electrical contractor that’s out there to do your work.”

Thanks Nebraska Medicine! We appreciate the trust that you and our other valued customers place in us to get the job done right the first time, on time and within budget.

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