Celebrating 10 Years of Providing Proactive Service at Miller Electric

About ten years ago, Miller Electric began offering proactive service and TEGG warranty maintenance services to our customers. In truth, we’ve always promoted proactive service of electrical equipment and systems, but the TEGG program marked our first formal offering of proactive plans.

While adoption started slowly and required education about the benefits and cost savings associated with the program, today we are seeing more and more customers call us to ask for quotes on preventative service plans for the electrical equipment and systems in their facilities.

Protecting the Second Largest Expense on Your Books

Many executives today are seeing what few were coming around to a decade ago – that while payroll is the largest expense a business most often has, right after it (and sometimes before it for smaller companies) is facilities. Electrical systems are a big part of that.

“I think it’s easy to overlook electrical systems and assume that because they’re working well today, they’ll continue to hum along forever,” says Jeremy Overman, Electrical Risk Consultant for Miller Electric. “But, when customers of ours are asked by their insurance companies to be arc flash compliant or get their panels arc fault labeled, it brings the issue to the forefront. Today, customers call us asking for infrared testing, switch gear and breaker cleaning and testing as well as other forms of proactive maintenance every week because they are finally seeing how much money it can save them in the long run by preventing costly downtime issues caused by electrical outages.”

Keeping Students Safe at Millard Public Schools

One such customer whom has recently seen the value of proactive maintenance services is the Millard Public School district. A couple of years ago, after a piece of critical electrical gear at a school building failed, officials were faced with the potential danger of injuries to facilities staff and students. While no one was hurt, the incident did prompt the school district to call Miller Electric to repair the equipment and ensure it didn’t happen again.

“We were able to fix the problem, take care of the malfunctioning equipment and ultimately, sign a proactive service agreement with the district to monitor their electrical equipment in schools across the district to prevent future problems from happening,” says Kurt Hamilton, TEGG General Manager for Miller Electric. “We maintain the schools on a rotating basis and regularly catch minor issues that are common to all aging facilities and fix them before they become issues that require an entire school to shut down for a day or more.”

Tried, True and TEGG-Certified

Taking care of customers has been part of Miller Electric’s ethos since our founding in 1912. We bring a proactive, detail-oriented, customer-centric approach to every project we undertake – whether that’s a new electrical or low voltage installation or repair of an existing system or maintenance on electrical equipment.

We are also TEGG-certified, which is a privilege granted to only 1% of electrical contractors worldwide where TEGG does business. As a TEGG-certified electrical company, we can procure and purchase obsolete parts quickly at the lowest possible cost and are trained to offer proactive service checks that extend the life of electrical equipment and prevent costly outages.

The Tools of the Proactive Service Trade

After working with a customer’s specific budget and assessing the needs, age and condition of their electrical distribution system, we use a barrage of high tech tools to monitor that system on an ongoing basis. Those tools include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Voltage and current testing
  • Infrared thermography
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • De-energized maintenance
  • Power quality analysis
  • Arc flash testing and paneling

The result of this thorough testing and regular monitoring is cost savings and extended equipment life. A proactive service plan with Miller Electric can actually double the life of an electrical system, reduce accidents and save $1,000 - $4,000 in annual electric utility costs and insurance premiums.

“After talking about this with customers for nearly a decade I can say that the biggest benefit that business owners and executives appreciate about a proactive maintenance plan is the protection it offers against downtime and business interruption,” says Overman. “Our ability to analyze equipment safely without shutting it down, suit up in proper arc flash PPE gear, open panels and use infrared cameras to identify possible problems sets us apart. Especially when you pair it with our longstanding history of delivering high quality, safe service that businesses, contractors and facility managers can count on.

Arc Flash Safety Classes

With our reputation for quality installation, responsive service and robust proactive maintenance plans firmly in place, we’re fielding more calls from customers asking for help with arc flash studies and training classes.

“When you hire Miller Electric to do arc flash work, an accredited arc flash/NFPA 70E class is included with that,” says Overman. “Part of the reason for that is the increased demand from customers who want and need to learn how to avoid arc flashes and perform work safely on their electrical systems. People know they can trust Miller to provide the training and they’re coming to us for it.”

We’ve even fielded calls from as far away as Florida asking for arc flash training. Whether it’s helping customers work safely, or keeping their businesses safe from costly downtime issues, Miller Electric counts it a privilege to continue to help our customers and community work, learn and live safely.

Are you interested in a proactive maintenance plan or arc flash safety class for your business or employees? Contact Miller Electric today!