Engineering Energy Conservation for TD Ameritrade


TD Ameritrade is known by its signature green color. With the completion of its innovative headquarters building, the company’s brand color goes beyond aspiration to actualization. With this LEED focused building project, energy conservation was a mandate from the start.

Miller Electric was excited to help TD Ameritrade realize its vision of a truly green building by providing guidance and installation of LEED requirements. Our involvement in the project included efficient design and construction advice and energy-saving appliances, systems and lighting. We also installed energy use monitoring systems that will help TD Ameritrade keep their building operating efficiently for years to come.

Energy Saving Green Building Features

  • Insulation made from recycled denim
  • Energy saving LED light sensors to control lighting at individual desks
  • Toilets that flush harvested rainwater
  • Three solar arrays to generate electricity
  • Filtering dots on external glass that reduce heat and light in designated spots
  • Renewable building materials like bamboo, natural rubber floors and linoleum made from linseed oil


As an electrical company with a LEED-certified project manager, Miller Electric brings a genuinely green approach to every electrical system we design. We applaud TD Ameritrade for investing in sustainable energy options for its new headquarters complex and feel truly privileged to have played an integral role in the design and construction of such an innovative edifice.

We believe it’s always the right choice to use sustainable design to enact energy conservation in electrical construction. Why? Because preserving natural resources for the enjoyment of future generations is important. Cost is and always will be a critical concern in the construction industry. One of the remarkable things about the TD Ameritrade building project is that they didn’t sacrifice energy conservation for cost. We were able to achieve cost efficiencies through energy saving green building features. Our hope is that more companies will be willing in the months and years to come to prioritize energy conservation just as TD Ameritrade has done.

We care about energy conservation because we want to leave something beautiful behind.