Keeping the Ovens on for Rotella’s Bakery

Rotella’s Italian Bakery dates back to the 1850’s in Calabria, Italy. Since 1921 they’ve been baking high quality breads for Nebraskans, and today the fifth generation of the Rotella family carries on their tradition of excellence.

Rotella’s current bakery, built in 1989, houses a vast array of ovens, cooling racks, and conveyors that run 24 hours a day. All that equipment needs a lot of power, and outages can throw the whole system out of whack. So when Rotella’s main power distribution gear started blowing fuses, they tried to take action right away. Unfortunately, no one could figure out why those fuses kept blowing. Everything looked fine. It seemed like they might be forced to replace an entire section of their electrical system just to fix the problem.

Then, they called Miller Electric’s proactive team. Miller came in during normal operations and scanned everything with state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras. Our electricians checked everything against manufacturers’ published specifications. They pinpointed the problem to a single faulty clip. That one tiny component had been bringing down factory operations.

Some proactive teams would leave it at that. They just “shoot and scoot.” Not Miller Electric. The proactive team contacted the manufacturer and presented a plan to replace the faulty part. Miller and Rotella’s planned downtime for the fix and got the system back up and running after a few hours of work. Thanks to Miller’s know-how and technical expertise, Rotella’s replaced a single, inexpensive part instead of an entire electrical system.

That’s the Miller Way.