Designing State of the Art Security for Midtown Crossing

Midtown Crossing is a mixed-use development unlike any other in Omaha. Unveiled in 2006, the project features a million square feet of commercial and residential space across seven buildings. Miller Electric contracted with the development group, composed of Weitz, ECI Development, and Morrissey Engineering, early in the process to design and build their security system. It was no small task; the development company wanted to safeguard nearly 600 apartments and condominiums, plus retail spaces, with video cameras and access control. Keeping such an extensive system manageable, cost effective, and future-proof would require major design and construction resources.

From day one, Miller was up to the job. We designed a cutting edge security system that integrated video and access control through one IP network. Designing and installing hundreds of access control points and cameras across seven buildings was just the beginning. Making all those pieces work together was another challenge altogether. When someone buzzes a door, the system records their info, alerts security personnel through the camera nexus, calls the elevator, and records the entry. Tying these seemingly simple actions together allows the system to be effectively administered by just two security officers, saving overhead and leaving more staff to patrol the grounds.

The Miller difference doesn’t stop at cutting edge design and installation. Throughout the process, Miller Electric worked closely with members of the development team, always looking to create the best end commercial electrical product.