Site Safety Director - (SSD-10-15-19)

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Description of Work:

This position coordinates safety for Miller Electric projects: conducts contractor safety inspections and audits; monitors construction safety; enforces the requirements of Miller Electric’s Safety Health and Safety Plan and contract safety specifications; assists with safety and security certification documentation and generates reports regarding contractor and project safety.

Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Conducts self in an appropriate manner as a representative of Miller Electric Company, working effectively in a diverse work environment.
  • Assists in the design, implementation and execution of site specific safety programs specific to Miller Electric projects and those that are contractually binding.
  • Implements and communicates the Miller Electric Safety Program requirements to all employees, subcontractors and others associated.
  • Communicates with contractors and/or their subcontractors regarding corrective actions for safety program infractions or other non-compliance, up to and including work stoppage.
  • Collaborate with Safety Director on all insurance and health and safety regulatory inspections and accident investigation involving construction sites. 
  • Performs documented safety audits and inspections of Miller construction personnel and contractor activities.
  • Monitors safety regulations for changes and revises Construction Safety Manual, contract specifications and other documents to assure compliance.
  • Develops and conducts safety training for Miller personnel and contractors including OSHA-related safety requirements, Company policy, and job-task specific hazard mitigation.
  • Conducts accident investigations, prepares written accident investigation reports for Safety Director and senior management.
  • Acts as safety liaison with Miller Employees, contractors and outside agencies such as OSHA and other third parties.
  • Conducts job hazard analysis to determine safe working practices and engineering controls.

    All other job-related duties, as assigned


A Bachelor's degree in safety, related engineering or physical science; or equivalent experience

Extensive construction safety-related experience, including worksite safety inspections and auditing
Working knowledge of health and safety plans
Extensive knowledge of construction worksite safety practices and procedures 
Extensive knowledge of OSHA and other applicable federal, state and local safety regulations and standards
Extensive knowledge of the job hazard analysis and resolution process
Extensive knowledge of accident investigation and reporting process
Extensive knowledge of conducting safety audits and inspections
Knowledge of confined space standards and procedures (permit v non-permit)
PC proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software applications
Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, orally and in writing
Ability to interact successfully with all levels of personnel including contractors and intergovernmental agency contacts
Ability to function effectively in a support role
Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills
Good judgment, problem solving and analytical skills
Ability to make logical decisions
Ability to plan, organize, review and document wide range of project activities with good follow-through
Ability to audit and inspect construction sites for safety compliance
Accurate and detail oriented
Demonstrated ability to work independently with minimal supervision
Ability to provide training
Ability to manage deadline-driven workload
Valid Nebraska or Iowa driver’s license and acceptable MVR
Flexibility to be on-call, work unusual hours and on week-ends. 
Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a diverse work force

An equivalent combination of education, experience, knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics consistent with the required qualifications as determined by the job analysis.
COMMUNICATION: good written and verbal communication, organized thought processes, polite and respectful of others, adapts presentations to the audience
ANALYSIS/PROBLEM SOLVING: thoroughly thinks out and evaluates alternatives, innovative problem resolution, pro-active approach, initiative to resolve problems
WORKLOAD MANAGEMENT: works with little direction and supervision, timely completion of projects, makes time for unplanned assignments, adapts to changing priorities
ETHICS AND INTEGRITY: perceived fairness; tolerance; honesty; consistent in application of policies and procedures.
FLEXIBILITY: able to adapt behavior, opinions, tactics, and strategies to different situations, individuals, or changing priorities
TEAMWORK: respects all members; solicits other’s opinions; supports and complies with team decisions; shares useful information
TENACIOUS: won’t give up until the best solution is found; determined to accomplish; firm resolve


  • 70% office type work,
  • 25% walking jobsite (rock, stairs),
  • 5% minimal lifting, pushing/pulling


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