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Making a Case for Power Over Ethernet ( PoE ) Lighting

In the not too distant future, office walls will be missing a familiar face; that surprised emoticon we’ve come to rely on to power everything we use. That’s right; outlets could very well become

Solar Panels Create Energy Savings for Omaha Engineering Firm

Featured in the photo is the Morrissey Engineering Building.

Even in the Midwest, where energy is relatively cheap, solar panels can be used to create energy savings for businesses. For those brave enough to make

KANEKO Expansion is No Ordinary Light Switch Wiring Job

When it comes to commercial electrical lighting projects, there’s a lot more involved than just light switch wiring. Projects can be complex and specifications can be intricate, but the payoff is usually illuminating in

Green Business Begins with Building Energy Monitoring

In life and in energy management, change starts with a baseline.
If you want to lose weight, you first need to know what you weigh, how often you exercise, and how many calories you consume,

4 Ways Electrical Contractors Innovate in a Cheap Energy Climate

Ask a commercial electrical contractor how they implement green features on renovation projects and new construction builds and many will tell you one of the easiest ways to implement green electrical design is through energy