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Safety as a Strategy

In the ‘for profit’ world of construction, it’s important to remember the proper motivation behind safe workplace practices and in particular, electrical safety in the workplace. Many of the rules outlined in OSHA and

Training Future Electricians Through the OJEATC

Being an electrician is one of the most extraordinary and dangerous jobs in America. An electrician apprenticeship is not only one of the best ways to ensure electrical contracting has a steady supply of

Project Update: Crafting a New Oven Line for Rotella’s

Rotella’s Italian Bakery is a true American success story and Miller Electric is proud to be a part of it. Through electrical engineering, low voltage wiring and more, we’ve been handling Rotella’s commercial electrical

Miller Electric Achieves Cost, Time Efficiencies with BIM on Creighton University School of Dentistry Project

A few years ago, the American Dental Association reported in a research brief that “there may be an insufficient number of dentists relative to need or demand for dental care among disadvantaged populations or

Electrical Safety Training is a Way of Life at Miller Electric

Miller Electric’s commitment to safety is unquestioned. Far from a burden, to us, safety is a mandate. The motivation behind every safety strategy, training class and program is our firmly held belief that even