After constructing one of its original buildings years ago, PayPal later learned that the lights it installed were less than ideal. New LED lights could drastically improve conditions at the facility.

From Bat Cave to Daily Planet

The 400-watt metal lamps created a lot of heat and distributed light in such a way that employees felt less like Clark Kent at the Daily Planet and more like Batman in the Bat Cave as they worked on computers and answered phones.

Longtime commercial electrical contractor partner Miller Electric provided a solution that PayPal was happy to implement – new direct/indirect LED lights.

non LED lights new energy efficient LED lights

Pictured above: old lights on the left; new, energy-efficient LED lights on the right.

Old Fixtures Featured Lots of Heat, Less Light

“The old lights they had in this particular building were more common in parking lots,” says Miller Electric’s foreman on the PayPal lighting project, Rod Jaros. “They drew a lot of heat, close to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit per lamp, which created burnouts and at times, broken bulbs.”

In addition to those issues, the inefficient lights came with another problem – they were costly. PayPal was spending lots of money and time replacing burned out bulbs, which due to their heat, had to be shut off 20 minutes before touching them.

New LED Lights Create Instant Cost Savings and Triple Light Output

With new LED lights in place throughout the 135,000 square foot facility, no heat is emitted and PayPal has already saved 11 percent on their electrical bill, plus another 5 percent in the summer on energy costs.

“The old lights were creating so much heat that PayPal had to crank up the air conditioning in the summer to compensate for it,” says Jaros. “Plus, changing all the burnt out bulbs across the facility was a weekly job for the facilities crew. Now, there’s virtually no maintenance required on the lights at all.”

The lighting upgrade made things a lot brighter at the facility as well.

“We took them from 18 foot candles of light before the replacement project to a bit above 50 foot candles, so the lighting almost tripled,” says Jaros. “When we first turned on the new LEDs, it was like the sun came out of the clouds.”

That feeling was shared by PayPal employees, who instantly noticed the difference that the new lights made.

“It was like we actually just turned the light on,” says PayPal Facility Manager Claudia Erickson. “We received quite a bit of positive feedback from our employees on the floor, on how much brighter the areas were, more like the outdoors and not just a glary bright light. We love our new lights!”

Complex Installation Project Was Completed in Eight Weeks

Rod’s team of six workers took down 144 old light fixtures and installed roughly 5,000 linear feet of new energy efficient LED fixtures in just eight weeks, which is significant given that the building is staffed 24/7.

“We had to move people around and work on specially built scaffolding that we constructed around their workstations,” says Jaros.

Miller Electric’s team also installed a fair amount of piping and conduit to accommodate the new LED lights and painted the conduit and fittings to match the unfinished ceiling.

“Now that it’s complete, everyone seems really happy with the new lights,” says Jaros. “That makes us happy as well.”

Miller Electric is one of the few commercial electrical contractors in Nebraska qualified to design, install and service LED lighting but PoE (power over Ethernet) systems as well.

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