Chris Nightser Prefab Shop

Just a few weeks ago, Miller Electric Manager of Prefab Operations, Chris Nightser, was in the middle of moving part of Miller’s prefab operations to a new facility in West Omaha. While the holidays can be a hectic time for many, it was even more so for Nightser and his crew, who moved the necessary equipment over without shutting or slowing down ongoing prefab operations.

The move was critical for providing expanded capacity and logistical convenience to support the many projects for which prefabrication operations are put to use.

New Shop Doubles Capacity, Improves Storage Space
Miller opened its nearly 10,000-square-foot prefab facility in Council Bluffs, Iowa, years ago and initially, it was more than adequate to handle ongoing prefab operations. Over time, as Miller employees have applied more innovative applications of prefab to an increasing variety of projects, space became cramped.

“We were working elbow to elbow with about 25 guys in our prefab shop,” says Chris. “Staging and storage space was minimal so we began strategizing a new space that would provide a bigger footprint for our prefab operations.”

The new facility in West Omaha offers nearly 15,000 square feet of usable space and the ability for up to 30 employees to work comfortably.

“With our new facility in place, we will be able to completely separate storage from design and assembly,” says Chris, who has long been able to witness first hand the efficiencies that prefabrication can bring to a jobsite.

“Quality control, ergonomic working conditions and proper training in permanent facilities result in happier, more comfortable workers, improved productivity and cost savings,” says Chris. Guys don’t have to stand in the middle of a building on a ladder with a crick in their neck for hours trying to fabricate an assembly, or spend half a day searching for the last little piece or tool they need to finish a build.”

Chris encourages everyone at Miller to keep recommending repetitive or labor-intensive assemblies to his prefab team so they can continue to deliver safety, cost-savings and time efficiencies on every project.