What does it mean to be one of Nebraska’s Safest Companies? In the words of the National Safety Council, Nebraska, who awarded Miller Electric this distinction, it means simply – safety without shortcuts.

Safety Without Shortcuts 

Safety has long been something we’ve taken pride in at Miller Electric. From arc flash safety training to building and promoting multiple prefab facilities, we are serious about safety.

So serious that we’ve built our entire culture around safety.

“In our line of work, when what you do can easily result in life-threatening injuries, it’s of critical importance to make sure every one of our electricians, wiremen and even our customers follow the protocols and codes designed to keep us safe,” says Miller Electric Safety Director Scott Love.

Many of the codes we follow have their origins in unfortunate past accidents.

“It’s important that we learn from our mistakes and be vigilant about working safely on every day, and every job,” says Love.

Working Safely Makes Miller Electric one of Nebraska’s Safest Companies

We spoke recently about how our culture of safety resulted in a low mod score, or experience modification rate. As we shared in that post, a mod score is like a golf score; the lower, the better. Our most recent score of 0.56 is the lowest in our history.

In one sense, that means we’re just as good if not better at promoting and maintaining a culture of safety than we have ever been. Less employees are experiencing on the job injuries, which we couldn’t be happier about.

Promoting Safety at, and on the way to, Work

We’re looking forward attending the National Safety Council, Nebraska’s luncheon honoring Nebraska’s Safest Companies, and not even primarily because we won an award.

National Distracted Driving advocate, Jacy Good, will be speaking to us about the importance of not driving while talking on the phone or texting. Jacy herself survived a car crash caused by distracted driving that claimed the lives of her parents and left her partially paralyzed a little over ten years ago. Understanding the dangers of doing anything while distracted, we are interested to learn how we can encourage our employees and others to hang up and drive.

We’re grateful to be honored as one of our state’s safest companies and will work hard to remain so in the weeks and years ahead.

If you operate a commercial or industrial facility and are interested in learning how to work safely, check out our arc flash safety training and make sure you’re doing all you can to operate and perform maintenance on electrical equipment safely.