Miller Electric’s Low Mod Score Shows Strong Safety Record

If you’ve followed our online articles at all, you already know how serious we are about safety. The record low Mod score we just received shows how strong our safety record is.

We conduct electrical safety training, not just for our employees, but for clients and others in the business community who want to avoid

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Breaking Barriers with BIM Technology

Miller Electric uses BIM technology, also known as building information modeling, to increase efficiency, cooperation between trades and time to completion on job sites across America.

See how we save customers time and money in this video.

BIM is a system that we have been using for years now. BIM design is a 3D modeling concept

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New LED Lights Create Instant Cost Savings for PayPal

After constructing one of its original buildings years ago, PayPal later learned that the lights it installed were less than ideal. New LED lights could drastically improve conditions at the facility.
From Bat Cave to Daily Planet
The 400-watt metal lamps created a lot of heat and distributed light in such a way that employees felt

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