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Things We’re Thankful for at Miller Electric

While gratitude is something to practice all year round, the holiday season gives us a timely opportunity to reflect on a few important things we are particularly thankful for at Miller Electric.
Our People
Miller Electric Company is proud of our people, and not just because we’re employee-owned. Identifying the best local electricians in the industry,

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Miller Electric Powers Village Piemaker, Just in Time for the Holidays

For many, pie is an essential part of the holidays. What Thanksgiving spread would be complete without it?

Commercial electrical contractor Miller Electric spent the better part of September and October helping Village Piemaker get their new facility up and running in time for their busiest season of the year. Last week, we mentioned all

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Miller Electric Prefab Operations Create Efficiencies

Miller Electric’s prefab operations have grown substantially over the past few years. It has become an exciting source of efficiency and client satisfaction as well as training and new opportunities for the Omaha-based commercial electrical contractor.

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See the Power of Preventative Maintenance

As Omaha’s leading commercial electrical contractor, Miller Electric does much more than just lay wire and fix problems. See how our predictive, preventative maintenance program protects your business from costly electrical outages and safety hazards, resolving issues before they become problems that interrupt your progress.

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How Collaboration Creates Efficiency on Construction Projects

At Miller Electric, we’ve seen time and again that a commitment to collaboration on commercial electrical construction projects drives better bottom line results. Here’s how.

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A Look Back: Miller Electric Updates Electrical Systems at a Local Hospital

Hospitals are one type of facility that depend heavily on electrical power to operate properly. If their power and electrical equipment doesn’t perform as expected, disastrous consequences can occur.

Miller Electric has been privileged to be a trusted partner of Nebraska Medicine to provide electrical contracting services to their healthcare facilities. In this video, Rex

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Are You Current in Electrical Safety?

Miller Electric’s commitment to electrical safety is unquestioned. Far from a burden, to us, electrical safety is a mandate. The motivation behind every safety strategy, training class and program is our firmly held belief that even one death in the performance of electrical construction work is too many. That’s one of the reasons why,

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Powering Business Growth Starts with Electrical Safety

In 1912, our founder Henry Miller started Miller Electric Company. From our founding, electrical safety has been important to us. In the more than 100 years since, we’ve been privileged to participate in much of Omaha’s growth, including a number of its landmark buildings and construction projects.

A lot has changed since we started,

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Code Compliance Saves Lives

It’s not terribly common anymore but still, there are times when people are rushed to the hospital after sustaining life threatening injuries from improperly performing electrical work on energized wiring. Code compliance could prevent those injuries.

This situation can happen to anyone at anytime, particularly when NFPA 70E, NEC, IEEE or OSHA guidelines regarding arc

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Celebrating 10 Years of Providing Proactive Service at Miller Electric

About ten years ago, Miller Electric began offering TEGG warranty and proactive maintenance services to our customers. In truth, we’ve always promoted proactive maintenance of electrical equipment and systems, but the TEGG program marked our first formal offering of proactive plans.

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