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A Real Life Reason for Arc Flash Safety

Earlier this year, a real life reason for arc flash safety happened not that far from us. Up near the Minnesota border, about three hours northeast of Omaha, Current Electric of Sibley, the City

Solar Panels Create Energy Savings for Omaha Engineering Firm

Nearly everything we enjoy and use to enhance our productivity is powered by electricity. From clocks to air conditioners, each device requires a certain amount of kilowatts (kW) to function. Consider the energy requirements

Green Business Begins with Building Energy Monitoring

In life and work, change starts with a baseline.
If you want to lose weight, you first need to know what you weigh, how often you exercise, and how many calories you consume, on average,

Protecting Yourself From Arc Flash Danger

Some flashes are fun to watch – like the green flash that appears just as the sun sets into the horizon. Or lightning brightening the sky during a summer storm from the safety of

A Day in the Life of a Miller Low Voltage Service Tech

Like the 1971 Chevy C10 pickup truck he lovingly restores with his father in his spare time, working for Miller Electric is a family affair for Doug Howard. Doug came to Miller Electric about