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Training Future Electricians Through the OJEATC

Being an electrician is one of the most extraordinary and dangerous jobs in America. Electrical apprenticeships are not only one of the best ways to ensure electrical contracting has a steady supply of skilled

Preventative Maintenance Program Keeps Safety Miller’s Priority

Protecting Pottawattamie County with Electrical Infrared Inspections

Electrical infrared inspections and other preventative maintenance services that Miller provides are one of the key ways to protect people and preserve expensive electrical systems.

How Miller Electric Uses

Celebrating the True Spirit of Labor Day

Labor Day is for You!

Every year, on the first Monday in September, we celebrate Labor Day. While most of us will likely be relaxing with family and friends, grilling in our backyards or recreating

How to Handle an Active Killer

The recent, tragic shootings in Orlando last month have renewed the nation’s attention on preventing gun violence. It’s not just schools and entertainment venues that are trying to figure out how to keep students,

Compliance with Codes can save your life

A little less than two years ago, five people were sent to the hospital with life threatening injuries from improperly performing electrical work on energized wiring.
Current Electric of Sibley, the City of Sibley, Iowa,