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Why Lowball Bids Aren’t Worth the Paper They’re Written On

Fall is finally in the air. Along with changing colors, tailgating parties and cooler weather, now is the time of year that many companies begin plotting out budgets and soliciting bids for major construction

What Miller Electric is Doing to Bring Dirty Jobs Back to Omaha

For eight years “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe crisscrossed America, giving viewers a window into the hard but rewarding work that welders, steamfitters, pipefitters and others in the building trades perform. In 2008, Rowe

Culture, Communication & Consideration: Ingredients for Collaborative Building Success


Collaborative building is a critical ingredient to project success. Budget, timeline and communication with customers are all improved when interdisciplinary teams and trades work together, sharing plans and drawings with each other. It’s something

Delivering Safety, Savings & Success Through Prefab


More than 100 years of service has earned Miller Electric a reputation as one of the most respected, highly trained and dependable electrical contractors in Nebraska. Our skilled electricians and project managers are always

3 Keys to Keeping Customers Happy

This month on the blog, we’re talking about how we achieve success for our customers on commercial projects of any size and type. No matter how you define ‘success’ certainly customer satisfaction has to