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We’re committed to providing the best service possible to our customers. Keeping you informed of industry trends and important developments in the electrical and low voltage field is an important aspect of fulfilling that commitment.

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Why We’re Committed to Collaboration 

Collaboration is gaining ground as a new and more effective way to approach project delivery. It’s a welcome change for an industry that often sees self-interest dominate the building process. At Miller Electric, we’ve

Exceeding Expectations with Electrical Commissioning

The electrical systems powering today’s buildings and data centers are amazingly sophisticated and highly integrated. Ensuring their proper functioning, both at design and after implementation, requires testing them in concert with other, interdependent systems.

New Service Creates Focus on Custom Jobs

Miller Electric is known across Eastern Nebraska as one of the largest and most respected commercial electrical contractors in town. Our attention to detail, customer service and reputation for getting the job done right

Maintaining a Safe Workplace in the Age of Medical Marijuana

Pain. We all experience it. We all manage it in different ways according to the level and type of pain we endure. Walking, yoga, therapy dogs, over the counter medicines, prescription drugs and now,

Miller Electric Unveils New Website

For the past number of months, we’ve been quietly plugging away at the task of redesigning the virtual home of Miller Electric. We’re pleased to announce that after months of strategy, design, development, writing