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Culture, Communication & Consideration: Ingredients for Collaborative Building Success


Collaborative building is a critical ingredient to project success. Budget, timeline and communication with customers are all improved when interdisciplinary teams and trades work together, sharing plans and drawings with each other. It’s something we have long done at Miller Electric because we know it leads to better project outcomes.

“Miller was one of the

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Delivering Safety, Savings & Success Through Prefab


More than 100 years of service has earned Miller Electric a reputation as one of the most respected, highly trained and dependable electrical contractors in Nebraska. Our skilled electricians and project managers are always looking for ways to save customers time and money. For the past four or so years, that has included innovative

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3 Keys to Keeping Customers Happy

This month on the blog, we’re talking about how we achieve success for our customers on commercial projects of any size and type. No matter how you define ‘success’ certainly customer satisfaction has to be part of it. So we thought it would be helpful to talk about three ways we approach projects that

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4 Ways We Innovate in a Cheap Energy Climate

Ask a commercial electrical contractor how they implement green features on renovation projects and new construction builds and many will tell you one of the easiest means is through energy efficient devices or alternative energy sources. Solar panels, for example, have caught on with businesses in areas where traditional energy is expensive. The return

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Safety as a Strategy

In the ‘for profit’ world of construction, it’s important to remember the proper motivation behind safe workplace practices. Many of the rules outlined in OSHA and NFPA 70E were prompted by numerous jobsite injuries or deaths.

“Unfortunately, the industry has had to learn safety the hard way,” says Miller Electric Safety Director Scott Love.

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Miller Gets Sprint Facility Up and Running After Arc Flash Incident

It’s true in life and work — knowing what to do isn’t as important as actually doing it. Whether it’s something as simple as riding a bike or something as complex as testing energized electrical equipment, you have to be aware of your surroundings and practice safety every time.

One accident could prove devastating.

There were

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Meet the Man Behind Miller’s Vans

Jim Mayer may well be one of Miller Electric’s longest-standing employees. While he’s held many jobs during his 40+ years with Miller (Delivery Driver; Warehouse Manager; Tool Maintenance and Repair Technician; Fleet Maintenance Manager to name a few), painting Miller Electric’s service trucks is one of his favorites.

A classic car enthusiast, Mr. Mayer has

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Shining Light on the KANEKO Building Expansion

Omaha residents are familiar with the Old Market District. Home to restaurants, bars, a farmer’s market and shops, it’s a popular spot for locals and visitors alike to enjoy entertainment and eateries. Follow its cobblestone streets just a block south to Jones St., and you’ll find the newly expanded KANEKO building – a hidden

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Training Future Electricians Through the OJEATC

Being an electrician is one of the most extraordinary and dangerous jobs in America. Electrical apprenticeships are not only one of the best ways to ensure electrical contracting has a steady supply of skilled workers, but are also an important way that electricians learn to work safely.

At Miller Electric, we’ve always put safety first

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Preventative Maintenance Program Keeps Safety Miller’s Priority

Protecting Pottawattamie County with Electrical Infrared Inspections

Electrical infrared inspections and other preventative maintenance services that Miller provides are one of the key ways to protect people and preserve expensive electrical systems.

How Miller Electric Uses Infrared Thermography

Through its preventative maintenance program, Miller Electric regularly helps businesses and municipalities across Omaha and Council Bluffs identify loose

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