This month on the blog, we’re talking about how we achieve success for our customers on commercial projects of any size and type. No matter how you define ‘success’ certainly customer satisfaction has to be part of it. So we thought it would be helpful to talk about three ways we approach projects that keep our customers happy. Each of these three points are actually aspects of our culture – values that make us who we are as a company.


#1 – Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

Whether we’re working on a new construction project or a renovation; whether that project is large or something our custom commercial department can complete in a few weeks (or our service department can knock out in a few days), getting into our customers’ mindset can help us complete the job to their satisfaction. Trying to look at the project from our customers’ perspective can help us identify potential problems they might overlook and help us find solutions that they might not have thought of yet.

“Take a renovation for example,” says Safety Director Scott Love. “We do well when we get into the customer mindset and ask how long they expect the renovation to last before they need to do work on it again. We can help them see that maybe upgrading electrical panels now rather than later costs a little less and makes more sense. Those are things that the customer might not think of but by getting into their frame of mind and thinking of what’s best for them, we can bring solutions to the table that save them time and money in the long run.”

#2 – Get Involved Early

This is a big part of what enables Miller Electric to finish jobs under budget and ahead of schedule so often. “Increased efficiencies become possible when an experienced electrical contractor, like Miller Electric, is involved upfront,” says Scott. “Fixtures for example, have a long lead time. We know what to expect from experience and can get what the customer wants without compromising the project timeframe.”

The earlier we get involved in a project, the greater chance we have to make suggestions that are beneficial to everyone involved in the project, including ourselves.

#3 – Keep the Big Picture in Mind

On every job, we want to be actively thinking of ways to safely save our customers time and money. A lot of that comes down to our core value of being detail oriented while always keeping the big picture in mind. In some instances that might mean suggesting a different lighting fixture that works just as well but costs $2,000 less than the one the customer suggests. In others, it might mean designing lighting systems or wiring patterns that align with our customers’ vision and values.

As we keep these three keys in mind on every project, we’ll continue to provide the level of service that make customers like KANEKO Executive Director Chris Hochstetler say, “We were glad to see the construction complete, but sad to see Miller go. They really do feel like family.” Thanks Chris, and thanks to all of you for making Miller shine.